da rosate a vermezzoThe old road connecting Rosate to Gudo Visconti is the first part of a wider path that leads up to Vermezzo and which is connected  to the towpath of Naviglio Grande.


The first part of the route is affected by vehicular traffic, although much reduced thanks to the parallel SP30 road. In proximity of the area of Gudo municipality, the presence of a small church, the Peace Kiosk, is emphasized. It was built between the XV and the XVI centuries. The route services, the Municipalities of Rosate, Gudo Visconti, Zelo Surrigone  and Vermezzo . 


Each of the towns crossed by the bike path is worth for a visit, Gudo with the recent renovation of the Church and with the Main Square is really worth for a visit. The reason is similar to the other countries’ part of the itinerary, although special consideration is required for Vermezzo. This is the last village before the connection to the towpath of Naviglio Grande, allowing hikers for a stop having a dual value: regenerating after tirings and rewarding from the historical and cultural standpoint thanks to the presence of Palazzo Pozzobonelli Panigarola, which was built on the ruins of the local castle belonged to the Pozzobonelli family.


At the end of ‘400, the Palace was bought by Gustavo Panigarola administrator of Ludovico the Dark, who renewed it with frescoes by Leonardo da Vinci and Bramante’s style. He returned in ‘700 to the original family, the palace was chosen as the summer residence of the Joseph Pozzobonelli Cardinal, Archbishop of Milan. The village square is also a great place for a long stop due to the presence of numerous trees and the view from the Church of St. Zenone.


The path can then continue on the towpath of Naviglio Grande towards Abbiategrasso or Gaggiano.


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