43460596 909640875892646 3407684742647119872 oThe "Trafficking of Earthly Delights" extends along the Big Naviglio in the outer segment that goes from Cassinetta Lugagnano to Castelletto di Cuggiono. An area of extreme beauty thanks to the charming villas of Robecco on the Naviglio and Cassinetta Lugagnano, the historic village of Boffalora Sopra Ticino, the massive Vicarage of Bernate Ticino and the impressive staircase of Clerici Villa in Castelletto di Cuggiono. Children under the age of 4 travel for free




Rafting on Ticino


A unique experience to live along the Light Blue River, in Vigevano. An adventurous descent ideal for everyone. 



Courses of Canoe and Eskimo


Learning to handle the canoe along the Ticino, enjoying the sight offered by natural landscape. The courses are divided into three different levels. A whole training program is instead dedicated to Eskimo.



Surfing on Navigli


Started the new season of navigation on Navigli on the Way of Delights. The Route stretches along the Big Naviglio in the outer way that goes from Cassinetta di Lugagnano to Castelletto di Cuggiono.



To go fishing


On the Ticino or along the Naviglio, in a low marshy land or along the many rivers lapping the countryside, there are numerous possibilities for fishing. 



Slow Rafting on Ticino


The activities you can do along the Ticino are no doubt many. Among these there is rafting, an activity that may appear suitable for the more adventurous, but that on the Ticino keeps particular surprises suitable for everyone. In fact, being the Ticino a plain river, it offers breathtaking sceneries and a rather low descent difficulty. That's why it is well suited to those who want to carry on a not very difficult activity of rafting said Slow Rafting.


There are several organizations that offer courses, tours and other emotions along the river. Among the many we point out:



To go fishing between Navigli and Ticino


Go fishing along the Ticino, the Naviglio or in one of the numerous low marshy lands of the area is possible. Here is a list of useful suggestions about itineraries, reservations, committees and enrollments for fishing. All this, however, respecting the environment that surrounds us and remembering to bring the rubbish that are produced.




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