villa gaiaIn Abbiategrasso direction, on the right bank of the Big Naviglio in Robecco, lies Gaia Villa. An historic home, a piece of our past that is preserved in excellent conditions with its frescoes and its richly ornated rooms.


Owned by the Borromeo since 1400, the house passed from Borromeo to a number of noble families until it reached the current owners: the Gandini.


A simple beauty, as its facade, with fictitious architectural cornices and wrought iron balconies. Rows of tall trees towering in the garden alongside the Naviglio and reaches the channel with the wonderful balustrade. By the eighteenth century, the wrought-iron and molera stone balustrade ends with the pier staircase lapped by the waters.


A nineteenth-century exedra welcomes the visitor through the door of the Matteotti Street and finds itself in the Renaissance courtyard with walls that represent warriors, native aquatic animals and crests of important clans. The wooden ceiling dating back to the 1500s have designs and decorations that can be found again in the large halls in which the ages chasing each other along with the styles of the numerous artists who have left a mark.


Aside from the description of the building , which does not make the right honor to what the villa is, we find pleasant curiosities also in the origins of the name. Around half of the ‘400 it was in fact called Gaia Villa for the character of the parties that were held there. We have no trace of the worldly parties, but it comes easy to think that given the importance of the villa, whose history is prior to 1400 as confirmed by the traces found in the building, it was very well known and hauntednby the nobility of the time.


His majesty is due to Vitaliano Borromeo who wanted to embellish it before leaving it to his son Philip and to his wife, Francesca Visconti. The property then passed to the couple's children and, in this period it was recorded a significant presence in villa. It was in fact John Borromeo to receive Bona of Savoy, widow of Galeazzo Maria Sforza, who was visiting with his Ladies. The noblewoman was at that time forced to stay at the AbbiategrassoCastle for the behest of Ludovico il Moro.


Another Ludovico Visconti this time, received as inheritance the villa from John and Vitaliano Borromeo who, dying without heirs, left his wealth to his nephew, but with the obligation to take the Borromeo surname. Thus the House of Visconti Borromeo was born, who gave the house to Biglia and then to Confalonieri, among whose there was Federico, known conspirator. From the mid-800 Gaia Villa passed among the properties of Decio - Gabrini and then in the hands of Gandini, the current owners. Today the entire building is available for those who want to organize gala receptions and wedding catering.



Source: Villa Gaia Gandini






Villa Gaia Gandini



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