palazzo archintoWho does not know the origin of the building will swap easily Archinto Palace of Robecco on the Naviglio, with a castle. In fact, the similarity is evident and it is reinforced by the presence of two towers. The renovation of the whole, which ended few years ago, has revived the ancient splendor, which in reality has never fully emerged.


Yes, because the one of Archinto Palace is a history of bankruptcy, of abandonment of dreams of grandeur that its owner had pursued with so much eagerness. The maecenas, if we can define the one who asked to build this masterpiece along the towpath of the Big Naviglio, invested money and money for a work never fully realized. Today the building exists and it preserves, beautifully restored, the terminal of one of the four wings of the original project.


But let's get to the story. Archinto Charles, Marquis of Parona and III Count of Tainate lived in between the 1600 and the 1700. Banker and noble passionate about science and the fine arts, he founded the Academy of knights, he engaged in the management of the family assets and devoted himself mainly to latifundism and, with bad results, to constructions. On the unfinished projects  of Archinto Pisani Dossi Palace - and Court Archinto in Corbetta, in addition to the Archinto Palace of Robecco . Just the "Castle" of Robecco was to become his greatest work, that of his own and of his family consecration.


The story punished the dreams of glory of the noble, making him bankrupted before the project was completed. Today there are only recordings of Mark Antony By The King (1726) that can document the bold enterprise. So bold to engage Charles Frederick Pietrasanta, the famous architect from Milan author of several works in Abbiategrasso, who made the drawings between the seventeenth and the eighteenth centuries. The whole had to consist of four large buildings, with a central core of five high storeys and four wings hooked of the same height. Two of these wings, overlooking the Big Naviglio, were completed by four crenellated towers, while the portion of the building that faced the country would have to possess a large exedra, designed to accommodate carriages. On the Naviglio two piers, one covered, would have allowed the passage and the landing of the barges from Milan.


Today the end of a block of four wings is surprisingly if you think that it is in fact a quarter of the original project. Following the restoration, Archinto Palace has become the seat of the municipal library and the Museum of Big Naviglio.






Palazzo Archinto



  • Giacomo Matteotti Street 39 - 20087, Robecco Sul Naviglio, MI, Italy


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