barzizza ozzeroBarzizza Palace is a Renaissance building whose original construction dates from the fourteenth century, then rebuilt in the seventeenth century.


Currently it is well preserved thanks to the recent restoration work. The first realization was built on the lands passed by Gian Galeazzo Sforza to Malabarba and from these to Barzizza. Among the distinguished guests of the building we remind the Bona of Savoy Duchess, wife of the Duke Galeazzo Maria Sforza and the mother of John Galeazzo Maria.


As a result of the restoration works, a large fireplace in hot stone has been recovered, with bas-relief friezes that bring on the pediment the coats of arms of the families that were proprietary after the date of construction: 1596. A second fireplace is frescoed with allegories of that time. A curiosity then binds Barzizza to the crows, nickname given to ozzeresi. The Barzizza, in fact , thanks to a special bequest, was able to help the most vulnerables: widows and orphans. Shame that in order to see recognized its benefit, he ordered that the protected wore austere black capes as from those who live in pain. During windy days, the capes fluttered gaily on the shoulders of these outcasts who could look like many small crows. From this fact it is assumed the origin of the ozzeresi’ nickname.


Returning to the palace is observed alternation, until recent times, of a number of properties. In recent decades, an oven for baking was installed in the porch master wing. Buildings, heat and smoke damaged considerably the exterior frescoes. A curious episode sadly leads to the destruction of a balcony as a result of the passage of a too big truck for the narrow streets of Ozzero. Despite the vicissitudes that have undermined its existence, today, as a result of the restorations had, the Barzizza Palace still retains many traces of ancient beauty. It is in fact still under the constraint of Fine Arts and it house a bed and breakfast where you can easily find the quiet of an agricultural country and a past that inhabitants of the cities struggle to remember.





Palazzo Barzizza



  • Roma Street 1 - 20080, Ozzero, MI, Italy

  • Telephone: + 39 02 9407436



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